WaterRower Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if there is a problem with my WaterRower? add

In the event you may have a problem with the functioning of your WaterRower, we have an extensive online Service website with drawings, videos, instructions and troubleshooting to help determine what the problem is. You can also contact any of our Customer Service representatives at your local WaterRower office or email [email protected]

What maintenance is required? add

The WaterRower has been designed to require little maintenance. The only regular maintenance is to keep an eye on the quality of water in the tank. Purification tablets are recommended to be added every 3-6 months. Purification tablets are supplied by your local WaterRower office for the life of your machine. Customers in the UK can order them free of charge here. Unlike other rowing machines, the WaterRower has no cogs and chains and so no oiling is required.

How do I keep the water clean? add

Purification tablets are recommended to be added every 3-6 months. Purification tablets are supplied by your local WaterRower office for the life of your machine. Customers in the United Kingdom can order them free of charge here.

I do not know much about rowing and how to row? add

A How to Row Guide is included with the purchase of your WaterRower. Our website HowToRow.com is a great resource with hints and tips on rowing technique, training, and suggested workouts. Furthermore, WaterRower compatible apps including CITYROW Go and WaterRower.TV give further instruction for users of all ability levels. You can also contact any of our Customer Service representatives at your local WaterRower Office or email [email protected].

Is there a lot of assembly involved? add

Assembly of each model requires joining the main components together. Assembly should not take longer than 45minutes. All that is required is a 5mm allen wrench. Videos can be found here. Once assembled, water will need to be added to the tank. This can be done either using the hand syphon pump provided or hose. Please, refer to the manuals for water level recommendations. Be careful not to overfill the tank.

What are the differences between the models? add

There are various models of the WaterRower, each is designed to suit a specific environment. There are no major mechanical differences to each model, just the metal or hardwood used to construct the frame.  The exceptions to this are the WaterRower A1 Studio and WaterRower Performance Ergometer. 
The Original Series is an evolution of the original WaterRower design.  The Original Series frame is made out of solid Appalachian hardwood.  Choose between Ash, Oak, Walnut, and Cherry wood.  Other limited edition wood types are available for specific design projects.  All Original Series WaterRowers are fitted with the S4 Performance Monitor as standard.
The A1 Studio is the entry-level model in the WaterRower range, there are two primary differences between the A1 Studio and other WaterRower models. Firstly, the A1 Studio has a quick-start LCD monitor that displays key rowing metrics but is less in-depth than the S4 Performance Monitor and Smart Row. Secondly, the A1 Studio seat travels on an aluminium-monorail which is marginally louder than the silent seat action of the dual-rail seat system on other WaterRowers.
The M1 Series has both a LoRise and HiRise option version, designed primarily for a commercial gym environment. The HiRise version has elevated legs to provide the WaterRower with elevated seating position and an easy on, easy off entry point. Both M1 models are constructed in aluminium and powder-coated silver.  A variety of custom colour options are available on request.
The S1 Series also comes with the option of HiRise or LoRise.  The only WaterRower to be made in the UK, S1 Series WaterRowers are made from marine-grade stainless steel.  A popular choice for commercial gyms and contemporary residential environments.
The Performance Ergotmeter is handmade from solid Appalachian Oak, the “Performance Erg” features built-in SmartRow technology in place of the S4 Performance Monitor found on the Original, M1, and S1 Series WaterRowers. Additionally, the Performance Ergometer comes with XL-rails, a heart-shaped commercial footboard, wider easy-grip handle, and an integrated folding phone/tablet holder arm.  

What are the dimensions of each WaterRower model? add

Please visit the WaterRower model comparison page to see the dimensions of each WaterRower rowing machine model. 

What is the warranty? add

Register your WaterRower to upgrade from a 1-year warranty to a 2-year parts, 3-year frame commercial warranty for the A1 Studio, and a 3-year parts, 5 year frame warranty on all other WaterRower models. Click here to register your WaterRower. You will need the serial number of your WaterRower to register. Click here to find the location of your serial number. Full warranty terms can be found here.

How do I change the resistance on a WaterRower? add

Like rowing in a boat, the resistance on the WaterRower is dictated by how hard you work. Simply put, the hard you pull the greater the resistance. The WaterRower’s unique WaterFlywheel does not apply resistance to you, you apply work to it; you are the engine. By the “rule of cubes”, the amount of work you apply dictates the speed at which you row. From a gentle paddle to a “give it your all” workout, you are in control.

What is required to use the heart rate function on the S4 Performance Monitor? add

For Heart Rate to be displayed on the S4 monitor two additional items are required - a chest belt and a receiver plug-in connector. WaterRower offers a choice of the Polar Analog Heart Rate Monitoring Kit and the ANT+ Digital Heart Rate Monitoring Kit. Each kit comprises of the chest belt and receiver plug-in connector. For additional information, please click here

What are the different WaterRower performance monitoring options? add

Visit the WaterRower Digital Fitness page for a comprehensive rundown of the different performance monitors on the WaterRower.

Are there any WaterRower compatible apps? add

The range of apps WaterRower compatible apps is in continuous development. For the latest information please see the WaterRower Digital Fitness page

What are the weight/height limitations? add
WaterRower Model  Maximum User Height  Maximum User Weight 
Original Series 37" / 94cm inseam 700lbs / 317kg
S1 Series 37" / 94cm inseam 700lbs / 317kg
M1 Series 40" / 101cm inseam 700lbs / 317kg
A1 Series 39" / 99cm inseam 325lbs / 147kg
Performance Ergometer 41" / 104cm inseam 700lbs / 317kg
XL Rail option 41" / 104cm inseam 700lbs / 317kg
Dual Rail with Hi-Rise 37" / 94cm inseam 600lbs / 272kg
How does the WaterRower come shipped? add

All models of the WaterRower are shipped partially disassembled in two (or three) boxes for protection and require some basic assembly. More information can be found here.

Where can I try a WaterRower? add

You can try the WaterRower at our showroom in West London contact us to book an appointment. Alternatively, we have a network of retailers around the country with demonstration WaterRowers available for you to try. Contact us.

Do you offer installation? add

We do not offer installation as a standard option, however, if you would prefer not to assemble the WaterRower yourself please contact us for alternative options.

What is your returns policy and procedure? add

We accept returns within 30 days of your WaterRower item being delivered. Return collection is free of charge on mainland UK. All returns must be in a resellable condition and with original packaging. To notify us of a return please email [email protected].

How does delivery work? add

Once you have ordered your WaterRower, one of our team will be in touch to arrange delivery on a day that is convenient for you. Assuming that your WaterRower is in stock, we can usually deliver within 3 working days. If your WaterRower is purchased on pre-order we will be in touch when your rowing machine is ready to ship. To prevent damage during transit, as standard the WaterRower is delivered partially assembled in two (or three) boxes. The boxes are lightweight and can be handled by one person. A small amount of self-assembly is required, comprehensive instruction are provided and assembly should take no more than 30 minutes.