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NOHRD Elasko Ash

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The Elasko is an innovative freestanding bar that enables stretch and balance training. Designed in collaboration with stretch guru Sonja Laskowski, training on the Elasko bar enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. Suitable for users of all fitness levels, the Elasko comes with a free-to-use companion app to guide you through a series of workouts and training programs created to enhance overall physical and mental well-being.

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Stretch Fitness. Redesigned.


Cutting edge Stretch Fitness

The Stretch Frame enables efficient static and dynamic stretch fitness. The positioning of the bars and loops offers endless possibilities to stretch for the complete beginner or professionals. The integrated mat offers great support for floor work and comfort.

The Art of Stretch

Controlled, flowing, dynamic movements are the heartbeat of the ELASKO concept which empowers and liberates the body and mind. Stretch movement is one of the safest and most efficient forms of fitness to improve posture, flexibility, and range of movement.

"Each stretching movement is thoroughly thought through and defined in detail. They give you strength and power while also helping you to let go and relax. The materials of natural wood and leather feel add to the holistic experience and sensory emotions."

- Julia A London

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Unique Fitness Content

The free app content is educational and filmed in unusual and uplifting environments. There's emphasis on precision, controlled movement, voice control and breathe work. In a professional capacity, train the train courses are also available either online or offline.


The design is a collaboration with Sonja Laskowski, with a background in gymnastics, dance & ballet the frame has been designed to cover multiple disciplines. The foldable design and wheels make it compact and transportable and all four sides can be utilised for stretch fitness.

Hand Made

The NOHRD Elasko Ash is hand made.

Sustainbly Source

All wood used in our equipment is sustainably sourced.

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The Ultimate Stretch Support

ELASKO Benefits

Multifunctional stretch frame and system for all ages and fitness levels

A free APP with motivational content to guide you on your stretch fitness journey

Beautiful aesthics and space saving storage

Low impact – minimal strain placed on joints and the lower back

Improve posture, flexibility and range of movement


Conventional Wall Bars

Features ELASKO Wall Bars
Stretch|Strength Workout yes yes
Foldable and space saving yes x
Portable with wheels yes x
Inc. mat for floor work yes x

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ELASKO is the next level of stretch fitness. The multiple touch and anchor points means there’s an endless amount of stretch movements and routines that can be executed.

The elegant and rounded aesthetic of the ELASKO frame puts fitness at the heart of the home or boutique fitness centre. It doesn’t just look great, it’s a truly effective piece of kit.

"For the first time in more than 25 years I felt the muscles in the back of my legs, my lower back and many more muscles in my body. It made me feel able instead of disabled, I started crying tears of happiness. I broke out of the prison, called my body!"

- Els Holland

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Our Materials

Wooden WaterRower NOHRD equipment is given life on the lush, verdant planes of the Appalachian Mountains in North America.

For almost a century, a thriving lumber trade has existed in this region, prized for producing some of the world’s finest, responsibly grown, and harvested hardwoods. Once milled and kiln-dried, the wood that grows here is lauded for the remarkable strength, durability, and grain characteristics unique to the region. To the north, and at higher elevations, a dark, humid evergreen forest of spruce and fir cloaks the mountains. While further south, in the lower glades, a more open broadleaf mix predominates, including the ash, oak, cherry and walnut varieties we have used to make our products for over 30 years.

The special qualities displayed by the hardwoods grown in this region are due to the Appalachian Mountains’ unique ecology. A fortuitous mix of nutrient-rich soil, ideal year-round temperatures, and perfect moisture levels provide particularly fertile ground for trees to thrive. The idyllic conditions allow wood fibres to grow long and strong, forming rich colours and characterful grain patterns.

Protecting this hardwood oasis while supporting the region’s burgeoning lumber trade has always been important to us. The Appalachian hardwood manufacturers trade association (AHMI), of which we ensure all our suppliers are members, is one of the few such associations with a division devoted to forestry, the advancement of sound forestry practices and wilderness preservation. Members of AHMI have been educating landowners and the public about sound forestry practices and sustainable harvesting since its founding in the 1940s.

In practice, that means for every Appalachian tree felled to make our products, 2.5 more grow in its place. Thanks in part to the modern forest management techniques employed by our responsible suppliers, a billion trees have been added to the region since 2007, with 300,000 acres of Appalachian forest added in the past 25 years. That’s nearly 33 acres a day. To put it another way, more wood than it takes to make a WaterRower grows back every second in the mountains.

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30 Day Return Policy

We’re confident you'll love the WATERROWER | NOHRD, but if you're not entirely happy, return within 30 days for a full product refund.

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