Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change resistance?

The WaterRower's patented WaterFlywheel uses a unique Self-Regulating Resistance feature. Resistance automatically adjusts to equal the amount of work being done. Automatically adjusting the resistance level to suit the users intensity of exercise.

What are the difference between the models?

There are a number of various models of WaterRower. Each designed to suit a specific environment.

The wooden WaterRower models (the Natural, Club, Oxbridge and Classic) are all constructed form solid hardwood.

The are no mechanical differences to the machines, just the wood used and the finish;

WaterRower Natural- in Solid Ash, finished with Honey Oak Stain and Danish Oil

WaterRower Club- in Solid Ash, finished with Black and Rose Stain and Danish Oil

WaterRower Oxbridge- in Solid Cherrywood, finished with Danish Oil

WaterRower Classic- in Solid American Black Walnut, finished with Danish Oil

The WaterRower S1 is similar dimensionally to the wooden models (above) but the frame is made from Stainless Steel.

The WaterRower M1 is the all new commercial model WaterRower. Made from a fabricated steel frame with a powder coated finish

The WaterRower M1 Hi Rise has elevated legs to provide the WaterRower with elevated seating position and an easy on, easy off entry point

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How big is the WaterRower?

Wooden Models are approximately 33kgs or 73 lbs dry and up to 53kgs or 117 lbs wet

S1 Model is approximately 45kgs or 100 lbs dry and up to 65kgs or 143 lbs wet

M1 Model is approximately 69kgs or 150 lbs dry and up to 89kgs or 200 lbs wet

How does the WaterRower compare to the Concept 2?

The WaterRower has been designed to emulate the movement of a boat down the river and as such is more is a rowing simulator than a rowing machine

Comparing to the Concept 2, probably the WaterRower's nearest competitor

The WaterRower features unique Self-Regulating Resistance . There is no need for users to know what setting they need the WaterRower automatically adjusts resistance to equal the amount of work being done. Zero risk of overload

The WaterRower is silky smooth and can by enjoyed by ALL users (Young or Old, Male or Female, Fit or Unfit)

The WaterRower is silent, can be used in any environment and does not intrude on those sharing the environment with you

The WaterRower's stroke is even throughout the stoke, spreading the work more evenly over the muscle groups and removing the pronounced check, common with lesser machines

The WaterRower stores conveniently up on end, no need for complicated disassembly, just tip it up on end

The WaterRower is styled to compliment any environment and look more like furniture that a piece of farm equipment

The WaterRower requires near zero maintenance, no need for messy lubrication

The WaterRower comes with an industry leading 5 year frame, three year component warranty

The WaterRower is shorter (by nearly a foot/300mm)

How often do you change the water/keep the water clean?

The WaterRower is designed for Zero Maintenance.

The only regular service of the WaterRower is to maintain the condition of the water in the tank.

To do this you simply add a puritab (water purification tablets) supplied with the WaterRower.

The frequency of use depends on the amount of light in the environment in which the WaterRower is kept. The more light, the faster the chlorine in the water will breakdown and the more often you need to add a puritab.

Each WaterRower comes with a life-time supply of purification tablets which may conveniently be requested online.

Of course if you wish to change the water, it is simply done using the siphon pump supplied with every machine.

However this is only putting water with fresh chemicals in it. It is far easier to simply top up the chemicals. As you would do with a pool, or a water bed.

Do you change the water to change the resistance?

When an oarsperson rows their boat down the river the work they produces acts to overcome the fluid resistance (drag) acting on the boat. The more work they produce, the more drag can be overcome, and the faster the boat will move.

The WaterRower's patented WaterFlywheel emulates these same natural dynamics of a boat moving down the river. The more work you do, then more fluid resistance can be overcome and the faster the WaterFlywheel will move.

The resistance in rowing (Fw) is defined as the force working against the flow of the moving boat.

Similarly, power (Pw) is defined by the amount of power working against the flow.

Rw = Resistance (force) required to move boat through the water

Pw = Power required to move boat through the water

Water resistance is dependent on:

v = Velocity at which the boat moves thru water (or water moves past the boat)

cw = coefficient of the water

A = The area of contact of the water with the boat

r = the density of the water

With these factors, the following principle holds:

Fw= ½ . A . cw . r . v2, and

Pw= ½ . A . cw . r . v3

What does the monitor display?

The WaterRower Series 4 monitor consists of 7 information and programming windows;

Intensity- shows the intensity of exercise in units including m/s (meters per second), mph (mile per hour), /500m (time per 500 meters), /2km (time per 2 kilometers), watts and Kcalories per hour
Strokerate- shows the number of strokes per minute
Heartrate- shows the number of heart beats per minute (optional)
Zone Bar- shows position relative to a predefined work zone

Distance- shows distance in units including meters, kilometers, miles and total strokes
Duration- shows the duration of exercise in units of time

Program Window- assists in advanced programming

Window/program selection is via 6 QuickSelect buttons;

On and Reset- turns the S4 monitor on and upon hold, resets the monitor
Unit Setting- alters the units for intensity, average intensity and distance
Zone Setting- sets the zones for the zone bar, including Heartrate, Strokerate and Intensity zones
Workout Programs Setting- sets the workout type and parameters, including distance workouts, duration workouts, distance interval workouts and duration interval workouts
Stored Program Recall- recalls the last 9 historic workout settings. An AutoPreview function steps you through the historic settings
Advanced Functions- accesses numerous advanced features, including manual workout program storage and retrieval, projected duration (for distance workouts), projected distance (for duration workouts), a ratio display (showing ration between power and recovery strokes), heartrate prognostics (peak heart rate, time above zone, time in zone and time below zone), 2km prognostics (the percentage of a preset 2km speed), tank level input and total distance rowed.

How does the WaterRower come shipped?

WaterRowers are shipped partially disassembled for protection and shipped in two (or three) boxes for protection and require some assembly.

What parts wear out? What is the warranty?

The WaterRower has been designed to be zero maintenance.

The only regular maintenance on the machine is to maintain the quality of water in the tank. Requiring addition of purification tablets periodically.

The WaterRower has otherwise been designed for a life time of use with no wearing parts.

In heavy traffic areas the only wearing parts (which are not covered by warranty) are the foot straps which pass over the toes.

The WaterRower's Warranty is;

One Year on frame and components.

You may upgrade your warranty to;

a full Five Year Warranty on the frame

a full Three Year Warranty on components

with registration in our warranty upgrade program.

The warranty includes labor at a nominated WaterRower Service centre

WaterRower also provides online part drawings, servicing instructions, part ordering, etc. See our service tab above.

How heavy/tall a person does the WaterRower suit?


Wooden Dual Rail- 37” inseam

A1/IndoRow- 39” inseam

M1/S1- 40” inseam

Wooden Dual Rail XL (option) - 41” inseam

Shawn, please let me know what our current max weight is for usage:



Mono-Rail Home:  325 pounds

Mono-Rail Commercial:  375 pounds

Dual-Rail:  700 pounds

Dual-Rail w/HiRise:  600 pounds


How Much Water Do I Add?

Advised volume for Waterrower tank:

15.223L  or  4.021gallons

What muscles does it use?

Rowing on a WaterRower works 84% of the muscle mass simultaneously!

When rowing on the WaterRower you use a massive 84% of your muscle mass

By maximizing the muscle mass contributing to the exercise in this way, the WaterRower is unrivalled in benefit derived per unit of time.

Other common aerobic exercise equipment like treadmills, cycles, ellipticals and even other rowing machines, use far less muscle mass, burn fewer calories and generating less exercise benefit