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The WaterRower Series III and IV Performance Monitors have been built with PC interface capability. A monitor cable is required and is now supplied with newer Series IV USB monitors.

There are several available software products for the WaterRower, including:


WaterCoach F.I.T. (PC) - Free - WaterCoach F.I.T. (Fitness Interval Training) allows you to customize your own workout or challenge yourself to a preset workout from one of our qualified rowing coaches.

WaterCoach FIT rowing software


We-Row (PC & Mac) - Free - Developed by WaterRower Germany and completely free to use globally you can connect and race online or setup a local race against a pacer boat.

We-Row Rowing Software


Netathlon (PC) - Three Dimensional (3D) Virtual Reality (VR) training and racing system.

Netathlon Rowing VR Simulation Netathlon Rowing VR Simulation